Here we begin our Club History pages.  Our photographic summary, it is an attempt to capture some significant and some insignificant events in each Rotary year.  Rotary years go from July 1 through June 30.

1976, the Charter Club

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Rotary years go from July 1 to June 30.  Other than the 1976 Charter Club, our photographic history starts in July of 2010.


2010-2011:  John Frantz

Click here for the 2010-2011 history.


2011-2012:  Elizabeth McCoury

Click here for the 2011-2012 history.


2012-2013:  Frank Haislip

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2013-2014:  Kevin Yeargin

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2014-2015:  Paul Szabo

Click here for the 2014-2015 history.


2015-2016:  Pat Resto

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2016-2017:  Diana Gulatta

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2017-2018: Cathy Miller

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