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January 2020 Events
January 1     There is no meeting on January 1st. Happy New Year!
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January 8     Speaking today will be Hal Brauer, of the Peninsula Community Foundation--he will talk about his organization and what it does.
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January 15     At today's meeting we will be visited by the staff of An Achievable Dream to talk about the last Tennis Ball, and the next Tennis Ball.
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January 15     This month the meeting of the Board of Directors will be at a different time and place. It will be at 11:00 AM at the Embassy Suites, just before the regular meeting.
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January 22     Kevin D. Otey, Jr. is the COO of the Hampton Roads Community Action Program. He will give us an overview of HRCAP.
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January 29     Doreen Kopacz is the Port Development Administrator in the City of Newport News Department of Development. She will discuss Seafood Industrial Park.
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